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  • More finishing touches, in cork design, can be added to a simple kitchen design to create an array of unique, hand-sculpted items. After creating the table runner with candle holders, and the fruit basket boats, you can add these few other simple designs to finish off the look of an eco-friendly kitchen.

    For a flower vase design using cork try this: Choose a glass vase that you enjoy. Pick any color glass to accentuate the look of the cork.
    Thoroughly clean and dry the vase. You can choose from several design options with this vase. For a fun, bubbly look try using adhesive-backed cork circles. Alternating sizes and spacing for a whimsical appearance or try a symmetrical look by cutting an adhesive-backed cork sheet into small strips. You can cut the strips in alternating sizes or keep them identical. Glue the strips starting at the base of the vase and winding them diagonally to the top. You can attach them horizontally, vertically or diagonally, whichever looks best with your remaining decorations.

    Create a simple cork, cheese serving platter like this: Simply cut a round circle out of a cork sheet to a size that you prefer. Use a standard plate as an example. Purchase a strip of dark cork and glue this strip to the outside edge of the round serving-plate cork circle. This darker, outer strip creates the appearance of a sliced log serving tray. For a napkin ring design try this: Using a cork sheet, cut thick strips of cork that will allow your napkins to slide in and out of easily. This will depend on your napkins fabric. Once you have cut the appropriate lengths of cork, then you can decide to paint your guests names onto the holders with acrylic paint, or burn the names into the holders with a wood burning tool. Now, twist the ring once and glue the ends together; use binder clips to hold until dry. Slide rolled fabric napkins into finished rings.

    Finally, you can create unique cork coasters like this: Cut a sheet of cork into desired amount of 4”x4” coaster sized squares. Now, paint the coasters if desired, with acrylic paint. Cut ¼” slits in the coasters surface and keep the slits around ¼” away from the sides. Use remaining cork pieces to cut ¼” strips matching the 4” size (you may need up to eight strips per coaster). Paint these strips separate colors or leave original for a hand-crafted feel, and allow to dry. Then, weave the strips in and out of the pre-cut slits to create a woven coaster. Be sure that the strips are woven so that the ends are tucked under on the final weave. These many cute projects can make for an inexpensive and fun project for you and the family to create together.

    There are so many ways to decorate your home. When you’re pinching pennies to begin with it can get a little trickier. There are so many sweet tips and ideas to transform your home on a dime, that the ideas are literally over-flowing. You can find books, bunches of television shows, and by simply asking friends and neighbors their inexpensive deco tips can save you a ton of dough. Decorating on the fly is a fun way to revamp your space on a dime in no time.
    One way to creatively decorate using inexpensive material is by using cork! Sound funny? It’s no joke! This textured, spongy feeling material is a great mesh with any kitchen. The beige color can match any contemporary color schemes but the material can be dyed, or colored, to attract even more attention. Cork is not a limiting material. People who only have it for corkboards have missed out on all of its great potential. In the kitchen, or dining area, it is the perfect combo for any traditional festivities. Just check out these sweet ideas.

    To create a simple, kid-friendly, spill-friendly, and generally friendly table runner with optional candle holders built right in try this nifty idea. You will need three to four candles (long-stem tapers in your fav color) and a sheet of cork that is suitable for the length and size of your home’s table. Using a measuring stick, mark off the edges of your table on the sheet of cork and using a new-bladed utility knife cut the sheet to size. Then, simply measure the width of a candles base, locate three places in the cork where a candle would look appropriate, and cut an “X” (each line about one inch longer then the width of the candle) in each spot.

    Insert a taper-candle into each “X” and add a short candle holder under each if necessary. For a fresh, fruit bowl made of cork try this: Cut two or three sheets of cork at least six to seven inches in width (the size of desired fruit or veggies) and as long as desired to hold delectable foods. Use acrylic paints to coat either side of the cork, then allow drying to complete. Make a cut down the center of the short ends of the sheets, at least three inches deep; place one corner over the other and adhere with wood glue to create a bowed end (hold in place with binder clips until dry). These great gravy-boat looking cork bowl fruit baskets will make a great convo piece.

    If you have been searching for simple, inexpensive ways to decorate your child’s room then you should know that there is a way. There are many options available to you in your search for cheap and easy options. Just because you want a deal doesn’t mean you must sacrifice quality. There are families that are recycling their goods everyday in hopes of accomplishing the same thing as you are, and when you work together, it is easy to collaborate for the greater good.

    After you have selected your theme, and you know what you are looking for, then your hunt begins. You should start by making a list of all the items that you plan to buy (or like-items). You may even want to visit the local Sherwin-Williams store for color swatches that you plan to use as far as paint and color-scheming are concerned. This can give you a great basis for beginnings.

    Start your search online. Visit local online communities dedicated to the recycling of gently-used decorating items. These types of communities are easy to find and they are everywhere. This is a great concept for many reasons, but number one, it is good for the environment and this is why so many people are taking part in this sort-of online swapping. It keeps items in circulation that would otherwise end up in land-fills or trash-dumps. You can find gently-used and sometimes brand new items for absolutely nothing just by putting a request out there, or answering a request from another person.

    Next, you will want to put ads in free catalogs and newspapers. This type of advertisement request is usually free, in most cases, and you can find that there are many places to post reverse-ads in your local community advertising papers. By placing reverse-ads you will be reaching thousands of potential givers and alerting then to your needs. These are one of the best formats for you as a purchaser. This way you get to name your price for others to see, instead of vice-versa. If your wants match their giving desires then you may end up with quality goods for an exceptional price.

    Now you will want to go shopping. No department stores. Just search the second-hand shops, flea-markets, yard sales, ect. This is a great starting place and a fabulous way to find unique items to easily refurbish or paint for an exceptional deal. You may find some interesting items that would never be available on today’s market. Do be wary of older items that may contain lead by purchasing and using a swab-led-test-kit when you shop these second-hand markets.

    Are you a parent that needs some extra help? Have you noticed your child’s grades slipping slightly and you are worried it will progress? You are among the thousands of parents who have a problem and will need a good solution. This solution has led many parents to the idea of a tutor. No matter what subject your child is slipping in a tutor is a responsible consideration for this issue. It can be costly but the rewards are priceless. Now that you know what to do where should you begin looking?

    This topic will have a major grasp on the individual needs of your child. If you have a special needs child the tutoring will need to be complimentary to those demands. But no matter what the specifics of the tutoring you just need somewhere to start. This is the fun part. You go from parent to interviewer in ten seconds or less. You have your child’s learning progress in your hands. Parents know best and this means that you are the best person for this job. You know the ups and downs, pros and cons, of your child’s many years of schooling so you know where to point the specifics. The only trouble with picking a tutor can be the extreme cost of most certified tutoring specialists. The deeper your demands reach the deeper they reach for payment and this can become a wage-war.

    As long as you know the details you can begin your own bargaining. If you jump straight to the yellow-pages you may be disappointed in the over-all cost and therefore end up thrown off the wagon all together. Do not get discouraged if you have done this. Professionals can be a hefty place to start. When you need this type of help you may want to consider other options for your child. A good place to start would be a visit with your child’s school counselor. Find out other options available through the school such as study groups and like-minded parents who are searching for alternatives as well.

    If your child needs more one on one attention than a study-group then you may even find more information on senior study-aid programs within the school. For some senior students they will look for college credit in programs that offer younger children tutoring. They are not only helping, for free, but they are also getting credit for their college. Begin with this idea and search. Some of these college-bound students will even advertise in the schools office or newspaper so investigate your options within the school before searching the high-priced tutors.