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  • Family Togetherness

    Posted by admin on Saturday Jun 6, 2009 Under Family Time

    Togetherness is a crucial part of a healthy family. Our lives can be very hectic, but by making time to be together as a family, you are preserving the relationship that you have together.

    You can easily help your family stay strong, and connected, by setting simple strategies into place. You are not setting rules, you are instilling values. By keeping your family close you are showing and teaching your children a way of life. These ways can not be paid for, or replaced, these are ways that will flourish into traditions, and one day be passed onto your grandchildren.

    With agendas flying in all directions, and hectic work and school schedules, it can be far too easy to slip off of the track and find yourself in a home of confusion and lack. Too much television, video games, and computer time can cause separation. These things can become not only distractions but they are walls that will builds barriers between you and your own family.

    Begin setting a nightly week for a family meeting time. Gather everyone around, not part of the group, everyone needs to be present or it is not a true family meeting. Prepare snacks, have the kids help make them. Prepare hot cocoa or finger sandwiches and homemade milkshakes. Next, begin sharing. Not just discussing your day at school or work, but use this time for planning, discussing any concerns that may arise, openly share yourselves and your feelings. This is a time for bonding, a time to help one another by opening up in hopes that the whole family is stronger as a unit than as individuals.

    Begin a team, like a sports team, but a family oriented team. Make an assigned delegation of chores, obligations, and responsibilities. Make every aspects of this a negotiable operation. No one goes without a voice (except the pets). Make up charts. You could even spend one family night using glitter, stickers, and old scraps of paper, to design and create the family chore/responsibility chart. Make it a family endeavor.

    Use this time to set-up short term goals for each person. Arrange plans for upcoming events such as kindergarten graduation party, birthdays, cook outs, etc. Make everyone feel involved and a part of the integral unit. You are truly all in this together and the responsibility should not be forced on one person (usually the Mother). This way even the children will become excited about making their bed because it becomes their territory. When a pact is made and the territory is drawn it creates unity and excitement. Let that excitement become apparent in your family, let the love reign.

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