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  • How to Help Your Child Lose Weight

    Posted by admin on Tuesday Jun 2, 2009 Under Kids Health

    Most parents know that their child is the most beautiful person in the world.  Loving parents do not judge their children on their physical appearance.  And even though the way our children look has nothing to do with how much we absolutely love them, we still know that they are the most beautiful people in the whole world.  This unconditional love that we shower our kids with can actually be the reason our kids are sometimes able to develop bad habits or a physical problem that we are not immediately aware of, until it becomes a big problem that needs our attention right now.

    One of the problems that we can miss until it is right in front of our faces is when our child becomes overweight.  From the time our kids are born it is our job to make sure they eat.  We need to make sure they eat the right things, in the right amount, at the right times.  Usually in the beginning, we are much more concerned with making sure that our baby is eating enough so that they will gain weight to grow and thrive.  Once our baby grows a bit, it becomes our job to introduce new foods to them so that they can get the nourishment they need to keep growing and thriving.  By the time our baby is no longer really a baby, to anybody else but us, they usually have the eating thing down pretty good and don’t need our help in that department anymore.  They may have even picked up some bad eating habits along the way or found foods that they like to eat even when they are not hungry because they like the way they taste.

    Now we have a child, who is still the most beautiful thing we have ever laid eyes on, but they are carrying around a bunch of extra weight and it is now our job to help them take it off for the sake of their health.  This can be tricky because we have to temper our goal for their weight loss with their need to maintain their self love and self esteem.  We need to make sure that is it very clear to our child that we are not helping them get skinny or look better, but that we are helping them to learn how to take care of their bodies.

    The best thing we can do to help our child really feel that we are doing what we are doing out of love for them, is to be a good example that they can follow every day.  Our actions should completely match every action we want them to take.  We need to eat the foods that we know they should be eating and not act put upon while doing it.  Eating as many meals with your child as possible will also give you the opportunity to practice portion control and enjoyment of each meal.  You can mention the benefit that comes from each morsel that you both consume.

    Just as important as being a good example for your child with your eating habits is exercising with them, or letting them see you stick to your commitment of moving your body every day to keep it strong.  Making your child feel good about themselves from start to finish of their weight loss plan will be a job well done.

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