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  • Prom Pressure

    Posted by admin on Monday Jul 20, 2009 Under Friends and Peer Groups

    This article is for all the teens about to go to prom.

    There is a troubling trend at today’s proms. The trouble usually doesn’t begin until after the prom ends. This is when some of the after-party dilemmas will begin to take ahold of the young attendants. These problems do not always pick and choose who they will grab ahold of. These issues do not give too many warning signs.

    The issues here can be related to respect, safety, and making the right decisions about your life and safety. When it comes to what happens after the prom, it is up to you to take ahold of your life and the choices you make within it.

    If you feel that your safety is at risk then you have the choice to make the smart moves. If someone is questioning the respect that you have for yourself and your body it will be up to you to act. When it comes to staying safe, and you are put in a questionable position, it will put your mind and body into a fight or flight response period. This is when you chose to act or fold.

    When you are put into an uncomfortable position or put into a place where you feel you should not be, you will have the choice to say something or to shut down and accept what is happening. You will need to decide for yourself, as a teen, what you can do to protect your body and mind if you are ever caught in a situation of danger.

    It will be up to you to make your own decisions including your safety and your integrity.

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