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  • Re-Using For The Family Budget

    Posted by admin on Friday Jun 26, 2009 Under Finances

    Recycling is a wonderful way to do your part in the quest for ecological balance and sustainability. To recycle is excellent, but there is yet another level of conscious ecological awareness that you will likely still want to introduce into your family’s daily life. What is additionally wonderful is just how much money you might actually save by doing it. Re-using takes many forms and it’s really up to you how far you want to go with your new ecological and money-saving project!

    So how best to get started into your new green adventure and start saving money today? Here are a couple of ecologically-friendly money-saving ideas for your family!

    Children’s Clothing
    One way parents can really save a bundle, and possibly also do a service to the environment at the same time, is by handing down clothing from one child to another if their births are in relatively close succession. Also, accepting clothing from and giving clothing to friends, relatives, or organizations that distribute clothing to people who need it is a truly wonderful way to make sure that clothing stays in circulation. A general rule to go by is that if the clothing isn’t stained and has no holes or visible signs of wear, then it is possible that someone else will want it and wear it. Some people even prefer clothing that is second hand because of ecological reasons or simply personal style. In recent years second hand boutiques have been sprouting up all over. Some cater to the grass roots concept and are usually best, since paying top dollar at a boutique for a second hand piece of clothing is a bit ridiculous unless it is truly a beautiful antique. Your children may not be as open to the concept beyond a certain age, depending on their peer group. Keep this in mind and make sure they have the clothing they need to feel as confident as possible. In the “real world” the social skills and confidence they have will be at least as important as their education, so if they feel less confident in hand-me-downs then don’t skimp at their expense.

    Washable Diapers
    Yes, diapers are a likely topic of consideration in any discussion about families and ecological awareness when it comes to re-usability. Cloth diapers made of organic cotton are soft, comfortable for the wearer, and washable. While this may not sound most convenient, the alternative is a lot of disposable diapers in the course of a childhood and this is possibly not the most ecologically wise approach to the situation. As an additional bonus, the savings on your family budget could be rather immense. Imagine what you could buy for your child with all of the money you save on diapers!

    Hopefully that is plenty to get you and your family started on an ecologically friendly re-using habit that should save you a lot of money also. Remember to listen to your children most of all. If they don’t feel comfortable then it isn’t worth it unless everyone on the planet agrees together.

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