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  • The Great Family Laundry Layout

    Posted by admin on Friday Jun 26, 2009 Under Housekeeping

    Whew. Just saying the word laundry can create a tired feeling within you. If you are like most people you do laundry one day a week and that day is a very full day.

    Is there a way to minimize the time spent, the hours of laboring over the washing machine? Absolutely. Not only is sorting the clothes from whites to dark a good idea but there is a way to make the whole process easier and less nagging.

    On your next laundry day begin to implement this process. If you have a large family this will help tremendously. Begin washing and drying your clothes as usual. Go to each family member and find out what outfits they prefer and what articles of clothing go with what other pieces. Once you have matched the outfit ideas to each person move ahead. If you are starting the process with many loads to clean proceed by washing each load and folding them in a temporary way.

    If you have small children, six and under, you can be a little more leisurely with the way you group the outfits. Since you choose their outfits for them you can decide on how to group the items. According to the outfits requested by the other family members gather these particular items together into sectioned outfits. Include underwear and a pair of socks with each shirt and pant, or short, combo. This will create an entire outfit.

    If you are cleaning one weeks worth of laundry then you will have 6-7 outfits already in front of you for each person. For the parents and older children you will want to arrange the prepared outfits onto hangers or neatly folded piles. This will keep the need for ironing work clothes to a minimum and ward off wrinkles from school clothes. For smaller children you can gather the outfits as stated above, but with less attention to detail, and by simply placing a shirt, pair of socks, and one garment of underwear inside of a pair of pants to roll up into a compact outfit. This keeps clothing your younger children almost effortless when it comes time to prepare them for the day.

    Using this prepared outfit plan you will eventually have each outfit laid out for each person. If there are multiple ways to wear one shirt or pair of pants then be creative when laying out those items. This will help save you time and patience.

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