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  • Tips for Learning during Summertime

    Posted by admin on Thursday May 21, 2009 Under Education Tips

    It is always a good idea to keep on learning during summer break when school is out. Learning does not necessarily mean attending summer school. Experiential learning is a very critical part of the learning process. It includes different types of experiences that students can learn from like sports programs, day camps, zoo excursions, swimming lessons, as well as trips to local parks and libraries.

    A great experiential bonding experience is walking with a child. Parents can plan a walking trip to the park. They can make a map with the route. Kids can participate by counting blocks or footsteps from one location to another, and entering the information on the map. They can also count houses, dogs, streetlights they see along the way. Younger kids can identify objects or colors they see as they walk. This activity will not cost you anything.

    A library visit is also free. The good news is that local libraries offer wonderful summer learning opportunities for children. These activities allow them to experience the world through books and to interact with other children. Allow your children to get accustomed to the library by providing visits.

    Zoos are fascinating places. They provide kids with wonderful experiences. If your child is old enough, make sure you plan your zoo trip with him or her. Talk about your visit before going. Ask your child about the animals he or she would like to see there. Find out if there are other activities available at the zoo. Use this trip as a tool for teaching responsibility. Give your child an allowance for tasks accomplished around the house. Your child can then use the money to buy food and a souvenir at the zoo.

    Further, for some summer fun, your child can join a local club. Many different types of clubs are available during summertime. Make sure you choose a good match. Consider your child’s opinions and interests. Do not follow your own desires. Your child is the one who is important here. While your ideas matter, remember that it is about your little one.

    Summer day camps are also great venues. There are free ones, but most usually require payment. You can find a variety of summer day camps in your area. They provide a safe means for your child to interact with other kids and enjoy their time. They can learn new things, make arts and crafts, and much more. Some day camps offer discounts and special deals. Therefore, if you cannot afford the set rate, find out if there is a special pricing option.

    Summertime is also a great time for learning new things. If your child does not know how to swim, it is the best time to tackle that goal. Each child needs to learn how to swim, for the sake of water safety.

    It is your responsibility to determine what your child needs and enjoys before placing him or her in a program. It is also your responsibility to make sure that you spend time with your child during summer break.

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